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Managing Life in The New Normal


The effects of Covid-19 are changing the way we live our lives all around the world. It’s hard to escape the constant global anxiety and uncertainty surrounding it, and managing emotions in the world today can seem so much more difficult than just a few months ago. There are new worries, new limitations, new grief for normalcy, and new uncertainty about what the new normal will be.

So how can we survive the anxiety from everything going on around us and still care for ourselves? These experiences are normal and valid, but we know how overwhelming and exhausting they can be. We want you to know that we see you! And we’re here for you. So we’re sharing some tips that help us manage and find comfort in the new normal.


There’s so much change right now, and a lot of us are having feelings of grief or loss. Grief for normalcy, for routine, for consistency. Finding new ways of living that give us sustainable routines can provide some stability in our day to day.

Recognize the commonness

The entire world is feeling similar emotions to us right now. In times of isolation, try to find comfort in this collective connection. A lot of things aren’t normal right now but your feelings about them are. 


Humans by nature are social creatures, and it’s important to stay connected to the people we love. Create ways to maintain your relationships like planning lunch dates over Zoom with your best friend or reaching out to your elderly or immune compromised neighbors or friends.   

List what you can vs cannot control

A visual representation of what you can vs cannot control will help put things into perspective. This is a confusing time for so many of us but seeing our anxieties written down can make them a little less daunting when we recognize of what isn’t ours to worry about.

Click here for our free perspective planning worksheet intended to help widen the awareness of what is emotionally ours, what isn’t, and how to move forward.

Set boundaries

Limit conversations and news consumption about the virus. We can get so wrapped up in what seems like a whirlwind of information and opinions and it’s overwhelming to say the least. Take the proper steps you need to stay safe and healthy right now and try only to check in on reliable, valid sources when getting your news.


Remember that this is all temporary. Slow down and take the time (try setting an alarm if you need to) during your day to focus on breathing. Deep, intentional breathing into your belly will help to relax your body, regulate emotions, and ground you during times of stress or high anxiety.

Give yourself grace

The world is different right now, but remember that you’re doing great despite the circumstances. Stay focused on the present and give yourself space to feel without judgement.

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