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5 Anxiety Reducing Podcasts

For When Life Feels Overwhelming

Life feels overwhelming for so many of us right now, and I don’t know about you, but finding inner peace seems to be tougher than usual lately. Podcasts can be such a helpful resource for all things mental health. Whether you’re looking for emotional guidance or just a comforting voice to focus on in the moment, podcasts can help us remember one of the most powerful affirmations of all, we are NOT alone!

We created a list of 5 anxiety reducing podcasts to help you de-stress, learn more about yourself, and live better. We’ve even listed a couple of our favorite episodes for each podcast so that you can get started listening right away! Whether you’re an avid lover of all things podcasts, or this is your first time seeking them out, we’ve got some great recommendations for you that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.


The Therapy Spot – Beth Rogerson

Compassionately covering all things therapy, therapist Beth Rogerson uses the Internal Family Systems (or IFS) model to help guide listeners into becoming the best versions of themselves they can be. Want to gain a deeper connection with yourself and the humans around you? The Therapy Spot is for you.

Start here:

  • H.E.A.L. From Negative Experiences with Self Compassion

  • Delving Into Disappointment and Examining Our Expectation


The Boundaries.me Podcast – Dr. Henry Cloud

The Boundaries.me Podcast focuses on the power behind healthy boundaries. In the short but sweet episodes, Dr. Cloud offers real solutions for real problems in a powerful, yet approachable way that makes the thought of setting boundaries a little less daunting.

Start here:

  • Ending Patterns and Redeeming Patterns

  • Emotional Tone


Untangle – Muse Meditation Studio

It seems like everywhere we look the topic of “mindfulness” is presented as the key to most of our inner struggles and anxieties. Untangle breaks down what mindfulness looks like and delves in deeper to the topic by providing stories from experts and ‘real people’ about the power behind mindfulness practices.

Start here:

  • Lynn Himmelman – How Laughter Will Get You Through Stressful Times

  • Dr. Jeffrey Rubin – The Art of Flourishing; Mindfulness, Self-care, and Love in a Chaotic World


Selfie – Kristen Howerton

Best friends Kristen Howerton, writer and psychotherapist, and Sarah James, lifestyle blogger, explore the world of self-care in a humorous but vulnerable podcast. Both Kristen and Sarah provide a safe space for women to explore and learn the best ways to care for themselves and the guidance while doing so.

Start here:

  • The Difficult Task of Being Present

  • Jen Hatmaker on Finding Our Integrated Self

sleep with me.jpg

Sleep With Me – Dearest Scooter & Night Vale Presents

Insomnia, sleep anxiety, overthinking and worrying keeping you up at night? Sleep With Me is a podcast designed to be so boring you’ll fall asleep. Strange but comforting, Dearest Scooter tells bedtime stories that help to turn your brain off and get some rest. It might take a few listens, but if sleep is your struggle, this could be the tool for you.

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