Anxiety sucks

Yes, it does.

You know… that overwhelming and crippling feeling that won’t let you just be. Anxiety looks different in everyone and for some, it can be hard to identify. The women I see often tend to minimize their feelings, they think they’re “just stressed” and think that this is what dealing with life is like for everyone. Your anxiety is hidden behind the “I’m fine“. You are drained, tired, on edge, and just over it. You may also feel that your mind is always “on”, that you can’t stop overthinking and replaying scenarios in your mind. All the items in your to-do list seem never-ending. You feel behind and tormented by all the things that are undone or unfinished. You feel like a fraud sometimes. Anxiety keeps you up at night because that’s when your mind gets louder. You find yourself easily consumed by your thoughts. You worry that you are not where you’re “supposed“ to be in life and that your are not doing enough…

Okay, that’s me. What now?

Anxiety often affects all areas of your life: relationships, work, and even self-acceptance. If you feel your anxiety is running the show and it takes over more often than not then let’’s talk. Anxiety is completely treatable and manageable, and therapy can help with that.

Are you ready to:

  • Live a life with the less fear, guilt, and shame

  • Have healthy boundaries and improved relationships

  • Deal with emotions without feeling consumed by them

  • Let perfectionism and overpowering mental load go

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