Premarital COunseling

Congratulations during this exciting time!

Amidst the excitement and planning of future nuptials, the importance of preparing for your marriage can take a backseat.

The absolute best thing you can do right now is give your partner, and marriage, the gift of a strong foundation towards success. 

Invest in the premarital process now, and reap the benefits of healthy communication, deeper understanding, and the tools to navigate through the ride of life with your partner for years to come.

As you know, planning a wedding is not a simple task. There are so many other costs to consider and things to make decisions about. But really, your relationship should be the #1 investment you make.

One of the things that continues to blow us away about millennial couples (you know, the ones in their 20s and 30s walking down the isles, beaches, or wherever they choose to experience their nuptials) is a shared experience of openness to learning about themselves and their partner to create an epic (and healthy) relationship. Time and time again, we hear couples talk about how they don’t want to repeat the failed relationships they experienced around them growing up. They want something more; something real and healthy as they move through life with their partner.

You can have it all: the life you dream of for yourself, and a vibrant relationship to share with another person who is working toward a shared vision.

Consider this gift for your relationship. Our couples report so much positive feedback about this process. Some enjoy it so much they keep going with additional sessions. 

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