Relationships are hard.


You’ve put so much work into your relationship, into your partner, and your lives together. You’re not communicating like you used to, there’s anger where things used to be joyful and fun, and you feel stuck having the same arguments over and over again. You feel like you’re not growing together anymore, or at least not growing in ways that support each other. It feels sometimes that you’re relationship is not functioning. The connection you used to have is not there and you’re scared that soon you’ll have to make a decision to stay or go. The truth is that relationships are hard work regardless of the stage that you’re in. No lasting relationship happens without conflict and growth. It’s time for a relationship checkup! Couples therapy will help you get unstuck, reconnect with your partner, and build together the blueprint for a successful and long lasting marriage.

Break ups

Break ups can be devastating and you feel that maybe not everyone gets it. Grieving the loss of your person isn’t easy. Grieving the idea of what your relationship used to be and what could’ve been isn’t either. At this point you may be asking yourself, “how did we get here?“, and maybe wondering “where do I go from here“. You are worried there is something wrong about you and you’re starting to fear you’re going to end up alone. Loneliness scares you. You feel you can’t talk to friends or family anymore because “they don’t want to hear about it “, “they have their own lives“, or “I don’t want to be a burden”. Therapy gives you a great opportunity to process this painful experience and to learn about yourself, relationships, and love.


Swipe left, swipe right, swipe up. Being constantly judged or feeling judged on dating apps has left you burnt out and just tired of it all. You’re not connecting with people the way you want. There’s a lot up in the air and it feels your self-esteem is always on the line. You want to embrace the side of you that wants to be young, sexual, and have fun, but you also want safety, security and to be seen and loved for who you are. Dating is challenging in so many ways! Working on yourself and putting yourself first will help you navigate relationships and modern love.

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